The HP45

I purchased my Hewlett Packard 45 pocket calculator in 1973 for 1.200 DM. A year before I had bought my first car (a brand new Skoda) for about 5.000 DM. In 1973 I wore my hair as Jimi Hendrix did. To-day, the Skoda is gone, Jimi Hendrix is dead, and there is not much left of my hair either, but my HP45 is still fully functional!

The calculator on the left is my internet version of this legendary mathematical machine. Mouse click the keys or the power switch! If you like it (or if you don't), or if you find a bug, send your comments to me.

I programmed this gadget as an exercise in JavaScript. The math machine is done in this language. The visual stuff comes from postscript code which I generated by writing a C program which describes the appearance of the calculator elements.

Thomas Denker

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PS: As a courtesy to other users, please, turn the calculator off after usage. (The NiCd batteries of the HP45 only last 3 hours before they need a recharge)